Endoscopes are designed to meet the challenges of today’s procedural environment, by providing high-quality imaging and design at an excellent overall value. These endoscopes utilize proven technology for routine examinations with uncompromised quality and reliability.

Enhanced digital imaging

Digital signal processors provide enhanced high-resolution digital imaging with accurate color and detail to effectively visualize anatomy. High standards in processor manufacturing ensure reliable and consistent high-quality imaging, procedure after procedure.

Proven design

It has a proven interface with easy-to-use controls to help increase procedural efficiency. Endoscopes are reliable and durable even in today’s healthcare environment that often requires high-volume procedure schedules.

Established quality and support

High-quality design that reduces overall operating costs and the endoscopes are durable, well-engineered.

High Resolution and High Definition images are available. Different models with different insertion tube diameter are available. Light weight control body. Control angulation U-210 deg, D-120 deg, R- 120 deg, L-120 deg.